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What is Occupational Medicine?
Occupational medicine is the study and practice of medicine related to the effects of work on health and health on work. It has clinical, preventive and population-based aspects.
What does the Occupational Physician do?
Occupational physicians practice to ensure effective prevention and appropriate management of illness and injury due to work, and where prevention has not been fully successful; ensure the appropriate rehabilitation of people, with facilitation of their return to work. Occupational physicians are also concerned with the management of people who have illness or disability unrelated to work, but for whom their workplace may require appropriate adjustment.
Who do I contact to get more information about ProActive’s occupational health services or to set up an account for services?
You may contact our Marketing Department at 866/30-HEALTH to obtain additional information about our occupational health services or to establish an account with ProActive.
Does my company need to sign a formal contract/agreement to participate in ProActive’s occupational health care services?
In most cases, ProActive does not require a formal contract or agreement with its occupational health care clients. After fully assessing a company’s occupational health care needs, a ProActive representative will create a company protocol/profile outlining the services to be performed as well as reporting instructions. This protocol is periodically reviewed with the company for accuracy.
Do my employees need appointments for work-related physicals, urine drug screens, or work-related injury care?
No, walk-ins are welcome; however, scheduled appointments are encouraged to expedite the services needed. It is our policy to treat/see scheduled appointments first, although, ProActive expects that for initial work-related injuries, employees will be coming to the center(s) unexpectedly and they will be triaged immediately.

You may contact any of our four center locations directly to schedule appointments.

What are the benefits of using ProActive versus a hospital emergency room?
ProActive is a perfect alternative to a hospital emergency room if an employee experiences a non-life threatening injury at work. Our physicians and clinical staff are specially trained in occupational medicine, so they understand the many nuances of work-related injury care and return-to-work issues. ProActive is also experienced in post-accident/post-injury substance abuse testing, which is a component of many companies’ injury care protocols. Additionally, your employees will be seen in a timely manner and will not have to wait behind true emergencies and traumas, as they would in an emergency room setting.
What is the standard turnaround time for urine drug screens and/or any additional substance abuse testing?
A typical turnaround time for a negative urine drug screen result is 24-48 hours. A positive urine drug screen result requires an additional 24-48 hours for the Medical Review Officer (MRO) process.

Breath alcohol test results are obtained and reported immediately after testing and/or confirmation occurs.

All hair testing reporting occurs within 48-72 hours after the hair specimen is obtained.

What should I do if I am injured at work?
If you are injured at work, after reporting the injury to your employer, treatment should be sought immediately at any of our four- (4) centers (see Locations). Most of our centers are open extended evening hours; however, if all of our centers are closed at the time of your injury, you should seek medical attention from the nearest emergency room. You can then schedule your follow-up appointment, if necessary, with one of our centers.
What is the difference between working with a “paperless” system versus a traditional conventional system?
The convenience of working with a paperless office allows ProActive to forward reports (work status, drug screen results, etc.) automatically to the clients desktop.  This “real time” accessibility saves time which can accelerate the hiring protocol or return to work program
Who do I contact with billing questions?
For occupational health billing questions, you may contact our Billing Department by calling toll free 866/30-HEALTH or by emailing us your questions to our Marketing Department at mjacobsen@proactiveworks.net.